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Batmobile Limousine: Stretching The Superhero Awesomeness

Do you guys remember the Batman TV series on the telly where Batman and Robin went around in their ridiculously awesome costumes fighting bad guys? It was when the iconic “Blam,” “Ouucchh” and “Clunk” text bubbles were introduced, and the whole thing had a comic book feel. I loved that series, and I still do today. Don’t get me wrong, I love it because it was so frickin qwerky! I mean, you have to admit that back then it was THE show to check out. The Batmobile back then was also iconic because I think the movies directed by Tim Burton in 1989 and 1992 had the same kind of car featured. Of course, it was a little bit more modded, but it was the same model in a way, I think.

Well, some people have pointed out that Batman shouldn’t really be driving his own car since he’s a billionaire and all. It turns out that someone in New York City thought about that too and created the world’s first Batmobile Limousine. Yup, you read it right. I don’t know if you can order one, but it sure as hell looks awesome in every frickin way! It is referred to as the BatLimo, and it always turns heads when driving by. As you can see on the YouTube clip, the people over at Damn Cool Pictures have found this thing rolling on the streets, and it is picking up attention like nothing else.

If I am ever in New York and going to an event where a limousine is standard, expect me to come in this badboy. I mean, I love making an entrance, but this thing will be the bomb to roll in with. Some dufs have said it’s not based on the Batmobile at all; however, I think once you see the car there is no doubt it’s clearly a replica (a stretched one) of the original Batmobile. So, I guess I’ll be taking names here, who’s riding with me in this thing?


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