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Cool dad wakes son up with Super Soaker, calmly hums Doom theme

How do you get your stubborn and sleepy four-year-old old son to wake up and smell the sunshine? In the old days, mom and dad banged pots or just dragged us out of bed. Fortunately, dads are way cooler these days and use battery-powered Super Soakers to spray their kid awake, all while humming the DOOM theme.
This is what I call parenting. Parading around his home with a Thunderstorm Super Soaker is already awesome, but the fact that he made the entire thing a DOOM thing — from a first person perspective, filmed it, sprayed his son in the butt and demanded him to wake up, well that's just "Father of the Year" material.

I think I'm going to keep this one in the handbook for when I have kids. I might go with Nerf guns, though. Water gets messy fast.


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