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Marriage proposal accidentally caught during live newscast


How romantic is it to see a guy down on one knee on the airplane terminal sidewalk proposing to his girlfriend
? Better still is the way she coyishly puts her hand on her hip and then starts clapping. Yay! Young love!

But what's with the news anchor in this video? She starts out incredulous: "You're faking. Did you just do this for real?" she keeps asking. Then she turns a little judgey: "You guys look like you're too young to get married." And then she becomes the bride-to-be's new best friend, "We'll talk later," she says conspiratorially, as if this girl needs to be inducted into the betrothed rules of womanhood from some local news anchor outside Terminal C. Not like, you know, her carful of friends waiting in the background.

The newscaster turns them loose, but not before calling them back a final time and turning into a jewelry appraiser. "Wait, come back! We gotta see the ring! Not bad, not bad, okay....That looks like a princess cut. With some baguettes on the side. Okay...."

Classy, lady. Real classy.


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