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Mayor attacks bike-lane blocker with armored personnel carrier

Lithuanian mayor Arturas Zuokas makes PSA with an APC 

A word of advice: The next time you happen to be cruising the streets of Vilnius, Lithuania in your luxury automobile and are suddenly beset by the urge for a cup of kvass and/or a slice of honey cake, don't just pull over and leave your vehicle illegally parked in a bike lane. Seriously. Mayor Arturas Zuokas and, we imagine, Lithuanian cyclists, aren't amused by such antics.

While some municipalities might be content to leave tickets on the windshields of bike-lane blocking scofflaws, the good mayor recently realized owners with Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari, and Rolls-Royce keys in their pocket not be dissuaded by such minor punitive action, so he decided on a stronger parking enforcement tool: an armored personnel carrier.

Hit the jump to watch a video involving the aforementioned APC, the mayor and a hapless S-Class.


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