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Super Mario Inspired Products

Unique and creative products designed for the fans of Super Mario games.

Pipe Mug

Once merely a way to move water, pipes have since become the primary mode of transportation for plumbers and inspired this coffee mug. 

Super Mario Shoes

Line of awesome sneakers created by Converse and Nintendo.

Super Mario Plush Toys

Stuffed toys inspired by characters and items from Mario games: Star,Green Mushroom, Fire Flower, squid-like Blooper, and Goomba.

Mushroom Scarf

Unique Super Mario themed scarf inspired by 1-Up mushrooms that give whoever eats one an extra life. 

Mario Hat

Super Mario Wall Stickers

Restickable vinyl decals inspired by environments from the game. 

Super Mario Coin Banks

Unusual coin bank designs: Green Pipe, Bullet Bill, and Question Block.

Shell Backpack

Plush backpack inspired by Koopa shells from Super Mario games. 

Mushroom Slippers

Super Mario Brothers mushroom slippers come in green, red, and blue.

Mario R/C Cars

Fun radio controlled kart toy comes with Mario or Yoshi driver. 

Super Mario Necklaces

Unusual and stylish necklaces designed for Super Mario fans. 

Piranha Plant Scarf

Super Mario Mask

Cool Super Mario Bros. themed mask will look great on any wall. 

Super Mario Plants

Brighten up your home or garden with this creative set of plants. 

Mushroom Lamp

Press the mushroom once to switch on, press again to switch off. 

Mario Question Block Candy

Super Mario Brothers question mark box comes with delicious coin shaped candies. Eating 100 won’t give you an extra life. Sorry. 

Piranha Plant Earrings

Earrings inspired by the Piranha plant from Super Mario games.


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