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World's fastest guitarist pumps out 600 beats per minute

It takes a certain skill to play a guitar well and I'm not talking about playing Guitar Hero or air guitar. Meet John Taylor, the world's fastest guitarist. He can bust out 600 beats per minute without breaking the electric guitar or melting the fingerprints off his fingers.
Playing Rimsky-Korsakov's "Flight of the Bumblebee," in ultra fast mode, Taylor's starts off playing the tune at 170 BPM, drives it up to 250 BPM, ramps it up to 350, 380, 450, 500 and then finally to 600 BPM — all without missing any beats or taking any water breaks.
You can check out the insane shredding talent in the video below (600 BPM starts at 5:22).

Taylor's 600 BPM record trounced the previous record of 340 BPM for the same song that was held by Tiago Della Vega. By comparison, you can see Vega's 2008 record video here:

In an interview given to Denver's A.V. Club, Taylor said:

"I wanted to set the bar so high that anyone who wants to do it will see what they have to do and say, 'Oh forget it.' Just go ridiculously high, and make it seem damned impossible at first."

"Any time I had any free time, I'd be practicing that song. I absolutely hate it now."


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