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10 Amazing Things to Know about Outer Space

 There are more than 100 billion galaxies in the universe.
    the largest galaxies have nearly 400 billion stars.
    there are an estimated 100 billion stars in the milky way, our galaxy.
    if you tried to count all the stars in just our galaxy at a rate of one stars per
    second, it would take you about 3,000 years.

The sun is the largest object in our solar system.
    about 1.3 million earths could fit in the sun.
    it contains roughly 98% of our solar system's total mass.
    the surface of the sun is 6,000 *C ( 11,000 *F )
    the interior of the sun is 15,000,000 *C (27,000,000*F)

The moon is drifting away from the earth. every year, 
the moon moves 3.8 cm further away from us.
    because of this, the earth is also slowing down. every century, 
the earth's rotation will be 2 milliseconds slower. in other words, 
100 years from today, the day will be 2 milliseconds longer.

 Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.
   it's also the fastest rotating planet !
   it is so big , that all the other planets could fit inside.
   a day on jupiter lasts only 9 hours and 55 minutes.
   jupiter has 62 moons, europa, 
one of jupiter's moons is completely covered in 
   ice. While saturn, the second largest planet, 
is the lightest in the solar system.
    its density is so low that it would float in water.

 Astronauts can’t Burp in space, because gravity is too low, 
liquid do not separate  from
     Gasses in the stomach, so belching is impossible.

 Most asteroids lie between the orbits of mars and Jupiter. 
Asteroid are byproducts of the formation of the solar system, 
more than 4 billion years ago. Dangerous asteroids, one that 
    could cause  major regional or global destruction, 
only hit the earth every 100,000 years on average.

By the most accurate definition, there are 14 known black holes. 
The closest, Cygnus X-1, Is 8,000 light years away. 
Black holes only absorb things that cross their event horizon, so 
    They wouldn’t destroy an entire universe. 
A black hole could suck up another, smaller black 
    Hole, but only if they were in close proximity. 
It’s also possible for black holes to collide and 
    Merge. You can’t see a black hole, 
because like everything else, they also absorb light.!

It is a myth that the great wall of china is the only 
manmade object visible from space. 
    Highways, airports, dams, the pyramids, 
and ever large vehicles have been seen by shuttle 
    Astronauts, at 135 miles (217 kilometers) from earth. 
In fact, the great wall is much less visible than other things, 
especially things that are either reflective or a color that contrasts the 
    surrounding area.

Your screams won’t be heard in space. 
There is no air in space to carry the vibrations of your 

 In outer space, all free-moving liquid will form a sphere. 
This is due to space tension and low gravity.


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