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15 Cool and Unusual Notebooks

This post showcases creative notepads, sketchbooks, and notebooks.

Piano Notebook

Innovative notebook comes with integrated musical keyboard. 

Triangle Notebook

Unusual triangle shaped notebook designed by Tan Mavitan. 

Sliced Bread Notebook

Set of twelve “sliced bread notebooks” designed by Burak Kaynak. 

Play More Notebook

Ball patterns are printed on the back of each page. Just crumble up the paper and play your favorite game. 

Gun Notepad


This magical notepad was inspired by the release of Apple iPad. 

Walls Notebook

Draw, write, and doodle on the photos of New York City walls. 

Ceramic Notepad

Reusable notepad for people who care about the environment. 

Napkin Notebook

Paper napkins ready to be filled with notes, sketches, and ideas. 

Armed Notebooks

Black notebook series with grenade, knife, and revolver 3D covers. 

Web Design Notebook

Creative sketchbook allows you to draw websites and web apps. 

VHS Notebook

Unique notebook for sketches, recipes, travel notes, and ideas. 

Chocolate Notepad

Unusual notepads designed to look like real chocolate bars. 

T-Shirt Sketchbook

Now you can quickly sketch t-shirt designs on t-shirt shaped paper. 

Waterproof Notepad

Designed for people who come up with great ideas in the shower. 


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