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17 Cool and Unusual Mugs

This post showcases creative, innovative, and unusual coffee mug designs.

Stacked Mug

Unusual coffee mug designed to look like three stacked tea cups. 

Angel Mug

Beautiful coffee and tea ceramic mug designed by Sami Rinne. 

Carabiner Mug

Now you can clip your coffee drinking vessel to your belt loop.

Panda Mug

Adorable two-piece coffee set will help you enjoy every last drop. 

Topographic Mug

Unique mug created by talented industrial designer Iohanna Pani. 

M&M’s Coffee Mug

Animal Mugs

Creative tea and coffee mugs inspired by rabbits and squirrels. 

Grenade Mug

Unusual hand grenade shaped coffee mug is dishwasher safe. 

Mickey Mouse Mug

Face Mug

Perfect for serving milk with cookies or coffee with doughnuts. 

Tank Up Mug

Fill this cool heat sensitive mug with hot beverage and watch the gauge climb all the way to the Full mark. 

Snake Mug

Wave Mug

Elegant coffee and tea mug with creative wave inspired handle. 

Donut Mug

The handle was designed to look like delicious sprinkle doughnut. 

Shark Mug

Cool mug with imposing head of a great white shark ready to attack. 

Star Wars R2-D2 Mug

Awesome coffee mug shaped like the R2-D2 droid from Star Wars. 

Maternity Mug

Perfect coffee and tea mug for anyone who is expecting a baby. 


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